Sinthesi S2 Audio

  1. General Details

    Sinthesi S2 is Urmet’s new modular entry panel with a new design, improved-quality finishes and a revisited aesthetic impact featuring cleaner and more outstanding features.

    • The innovative and stylish finishing of this Aluminium entry panel lends it a more refined look, while the new module range now offer a wider range of technical features to choose from.
    • More beautiful, because finished Aluminium lends it a slick and unique look, while the green backlighting is a bright and modern way to greet visitors.
    • Easier, thanks to its simplified wiring and the possibility to replace name tags and carry out audio adjustments even after the entry panel has been installed.
    • Door-opener module for proximity keys or with control panel is available.
  2. Features
    • Front treatment: polished anodized Aluminium in polished steel colour
    • Degree of protection IP 42
    • Flush Mount, can be wall mounted in appropriate housing boxes
    • Even green LED name tag lighting
    • Panels arranged using 4 buttons, 3 buttons, 2 buttons and 1 button pre-wired modules
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