1. General Details

    Elekta is the digital entry panel with IP protocol opening the door to Urmet’s digital systems. The unmistakable Urmet style features polished finish, top quality materials, smooth, stylish design lines.

    • Glass frontal with soft touch technology. 3.5” TFT color monitor with alphanumeric keyboard arrow buttons for scrolling the name directory, colour camera with LEDs, loud speaking unit and proximity key reader built-in..
    • Video door phone functions are supplemented: call from name directory, video message with customisable logo, route indication from entry gate to selected residence, integrated video surveillance.
    • The call module can call every user in the system; it’s possible to assign a dedicated open door code for each user and manage a proxy key for every user as well.
    • It’s possible to show maps with the indications to reach the apartments for each panel and for each user.
    • Every step of the call can be associated with a voice and a visual indication for disable people.
    • Elekta is flush-mounted entry panel. It is very easy to install because there are no modules to be assembled.
  2. Features
    • Black body with glossy finishing
    • 3.5” colour display
    • Alphanumeric keypad
    • Audio and Video message box
    • Integrated proximity key scan

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