Elekta Steel

  1. General Details

    Elekta Steel is the vandal resistant version of the IP digital entry panel Elekta. Elekta Steel has a one-piece polished steel body with flush moving elements: this design concept dramatically reduces the possibility of damage and lends it a sturdy, pleasant appearance.

    • Front panel made of vandal-proof stainless steel. 3.5” colour display, alphanumeric keypad, arrow buttons for scrolling the name direcotry, colour camera with light, loudspeaking unit and proximity key reader.
    • Elekta Steel is strongly-built, it features IK09 impact resistance degree and IP45 protection degree against the infiltration of liquids and fine dust.
    • It offers all active communication and security functions of the Urmet digital system along with passive security features that are unique to Elekta Steel.
    • The polished steel body is rust-proof and removal resistant. The mobile flush elements prevent liquid infiltration and protect the entry panel parts from damage
    • The integrated proximity key scan allows to effectively control all accesses.
    • Elekta Steel requires flush installation and is secured to the wall with special Torx screws. Its compact one-piece steel body offers no pry points.
  2. Features
    • Polished Steel
    • 3.5” colour display
    • Alphanumeric keypad
    • IK09 impact resistance degree
    • IP45 protection degree
    • Audio – Video recording
    • Integrated proximity key scan

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