CallMe for 2Voice & Analogue System

  1. General Details

    CallMe is the call forwarding system designed by Urmet allowing you to use your smartphone or tablet to answer your video and audio door phone and open doors and gates even when you are not at home.

    For call forwarding on 2Voice & Analogue systems, the “CallMe” device must be installed next to the video door phone.

    After installing the special connecting device inside your video or audio door phone system you must download the free Urmet CallMe App from the stores to forward your intercom calls to smartphones.

  2. Features
    • CallMe is compatible with all Urmet video and audio door phone systems also audio of the 2Voice range as well as analogue 4+N and coaxial.
    • The device may be mounted on a DIN panel or on the wall using the suitable wall mounting kit: it takes little space and does not require any work on the wall
    • It can be installed in the apartments without any intervention inside the riser: each dweller makes his/her decision
    • It does not require any additional power supply up to 12 indoor stations
    • It allows forwarding a call to up to 4 different mobile devices and allows to make intercom calls
    • ADSL connection through Wi-Fi or network cable
    • Several CallMe devices can be managed with a single smartphone (seaside house, country house, parents’ home, office, etc.)
    • Using the specific App it is possible to personalise the system according to personal needs, e.g. define the quality of the signal or receive calls only when connected to a WiFi network.
  3. Order Enquiry