One-Family Mini Note+ Kit with call forwarding device

  1. General Details

    2-wire video kit with touch screen monitor CX-MODO with 7″ display and answering machine function and MIKRA outdoor station.

    CX-Modo has image memory and Radio Yokis remote control built-in. Up to 100 pictures can be saved and 8 Yokis modules can be maneged. By Yokis is possible to activate 8 services like: to switch on-off the stair lights, UP and Down shutters.

    The monitor can intercom with other video door phones- Up to 4 indoor stations in parallel can be connected.

    1722/58 call forwarding device allows the call diverting to mobile phones.

    The kit includes:

    • 1x Ref. 1722/111- Mikra wall-mounted entry panel made of Zamak with CCD colour camera and outdoor station
    • 1x Ref. 1722/87 – CX Modo 7” touch screen monitor
    • 1x Ref. 1722/20 – 2Wire power unit
    • 1x Ref. 1722/58 – Call forwarding device
  2. Features
    • Power supply: 110-250Vac 50-60Hz
    • Zamak body, resistance rating IK07, IP44
    • Entry panel dimensions (H x W x D) : 180 x 99 x 20 mm
    • Video doorphone display: 7″
    • Video doorphone resolution: 480 x 234 pixel
    • Video doorphone dimensions (H x W x D): 135 x 210 x 20 mm


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